Chinese Overseas Collection

The Chinese Overseas Collection established in 2002 is located on the 3rd floor of the University Library. The resources aim to support the teaching and research of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), strengthen the interlibrary cooperation with the related institutions all over the world, and facilitate the development of Chinese overseas studies of CUHK and beyond. Books are loanable. The holdings are based on the Overseas Chinese Archives transferred from the Chinese Overseas Studies Centre, CUHK. The holdings are later incorporated with the core collection of the University Library System, CUHK. Now the rich variety of this Collection reveals in its extensive publication dates, subjects and data formats. The item date ranges from late 19th century till present. The topic deals with the business, economics, politics, society, education, ethnicity, culture, history, literature, tourism, and even clan or dialect based associations of the Chinese overseas communities across the time and around the world. The documents on Hakka overseas and Zheng He are also developed to enrich this collection. The multiple format includes books, periodicals, company annual reports, journal articles and newspaper cuttings, pamphlets, loose leaf materials, etc. 


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